My art is a product of observation. I enjoy traveling and the places I visit are the main subject of my work. My shows a steady commitment to sharing my work. My , and have been recognized by jurers and peers through the many awards given.I am grateful for my patrons who continue to enjoy their purchases, new and old, thank you for your continued support.

My etchings are compiled in limited edition artist books. They’re a delight as they bring to mind the spirit and atmosphere of places I have visited – taking the viewer into wonderful nooks and cranies. The experience of handling a personal pictorial journal is intimate and satisfying, not like a mass produced book that everyone can possess. The prints, on their own, are quite affordable hand pulled originals. I have never hand pulled more than 50 of any one plate. It’s an excellent way for a novice art collectors to start a fine collection, developing an eye for original work, and then moving up to the more expensive mediums of watercolor, pastel and oil. You seasoned collectors, well, you can dive right into what ever medium delights your senses.

Pastels are a wonderful way to capture the light, as it plays with color. It’s also very portable so that I can capture this quality while I travel. My oil pastels, done on rough paper, produce a grainy impression, while my smooth pastels papers render a softer, dreamier quality.

My paintings are mainly landscapes, both large and small, though my portraits have also found honored places in private collections. All my work is an expressive realism that captures a feeling of place or person. Commissions are welcome, please e-mail me so that we can discuss the details.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work half as much as I enjoy creating it. Send me your thoughts and inquiries


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